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PREDA Fair Trade Assisted Project

PREDA Fair Trade Assisted Project

The sanitised and cleaned pouches are given to the growing army of eager home-based sewers. Some are abandoned wives with hungry children. Others are recovering youth exploited in the sex industry. Some are skilled sewers out of work. But busy sewers they are coming from Pampanga, and Zambales. With skill and dexterity they turn the the foil pouches into bright, attractive carrier bags, sun hats, back packs, wallets, belts and slippers.

The adult sewers are all working in their own homes they work in their spare time and the most skilled sewers can earn as much as 500 pesos a day. That is very good money considering that the average daily wage for a skilled working man in the Philippines is about 300 pesos. There are now 47 women and 14 men eagerly sewing the popular and much sought after fair trade shopping bags and backpacks.

From the earnings there is a fund to buy electric sewing machines for new applicants to the sewing circles. Each can have there own sewing machine at a low cost on a “sew now, pay later” basis. After six weeks of easy repayments from their earnings, they own their own machines.


GROUPS Women Men Total Location
1. Hiyas ng Pag-asa 7 0 7 Iba, Zambales
2. Castro Brothers 0 2 2 Pilar, Castillejos, Zamb.
3. BILAS Sewers 3 0 3 Subic, Zambales
4. Dabu Sewers 5 3 8 Kalaklan, Olongapo City
5. MSK Sta. Rita 5 0 5 Sta Rita, Olongapo City
6. Pag-Asa At Pagkakaisa Ng Purok I 3 0 3 Cabalan, Olongapo City
7. Expectacion Fuentes 3 0 3 Tipo, Hermosa, Bataan<
8. Cesar Fuentes 2 3 5 Tipo, Hermosa, Bataan
9. Orani Sewers 4 0 4 Orani, Bataan
10. Dinalupihan 3 2 5 Dinalupihan, Bataan
11. Wenceslao Village 7 0 7 Lubao, Pampanga
SUB-TOTAL 42 10 52
Individuals 5 4 9
TOTAL 47 14 61


  1. Cecilia Serwelas ­ Tala, Orani, Bataan
  2. Alicia Badaguas ­ Dinalupihan, Bataan
  3. Carmen Dagami ­ Tipo, Hermosa, Bataan
  4. Joey Las Piñas ­ New Cabalan, Olongapo
  5. Alicia Castro ­ Subic, Zambales
  6. Beverly Melibo ­ San Marcelino, Zambales
  7. Alejandro Arca ­ Dinalupihan, Bataan
  8. Noel Cordial ­ Cabalan, Olongapo
  9. Alvin Veleña ­ Tipo, Bataan