Lingayen Handicrafts

Lingayen Handicrafts is a community livelihood project initiated by one family. Most of the part time workers are women and mothers from the neighborhood. Over the years they have developed different kinds of animal shaped house decorations and accents made of buri midrib fibers that are twisted on thin galvanized iron wire (locally known as escoba) and shaped into different decorative stuff. They sealed a business contract with a British national who controlled the market.

  • Location: Lingayen, Pangasinan-Ilocos Region
  • Type of business: Family Business
  • Buri midrib fiber animal shaped house decorations and accents
  • Number of workers: 100 part-time
  • Male/Female: 86/14

They never explored other market sources and were dependent on the British buyer until they were reached by the Preda Fair Trade. More designs and promotional assistance as well as direct market linkages will be provided for the group.

Level of partnership with PREDA: Marketing assistance