Carmen Dagami

Produces: Recycled bag sewer, recycled magazine products and recycled paper jewelry producer
Location: Tipo, Hermosa Bataan
Skills:  Bag Sewing and artistic paper folding

Carmen Dagami has the skill and ability to turn any juice pouches foil and glossy magazines into bright and attractive products. She first discovered her skill when she worked as a fabric cutter and sewer in one of the well known bag company in town, but her efforts were all gone to waste as she only earned as much as 700 pesos a week, not that much considering that she has two children.

Soon she got laid off from her work due to company’s closure, and got included with one of the many skilled workers out of work.

In 2005, the recycling of juice pouches became a boom and together with her other colleagues, Carmen tried her luck by submitting samples of recycled juice bags. Sooner than expected, her designs have penetrated the European market.  The big order she received made her earn enough to provide for her family needs and send her children to school.

During peak season of orders, she can earn as much as 500 pesos a day. That is very good money considering that the average daily wage for a skilled working man in the Philippines is about 300 pesos. She could also hire other assistants to help her meet the purchase order.