Artes Excellentes

ARTES EXCELLENTES was founded in 1995 as a small scale industry involved in manufacturing wooden products out of recycled wood. It started as family business and grew up and able to provide job opportunities to the community. By continuous exploration of new horizons in the field of product development and applications, the group dreams to export on their own.

  • Founded/Organized: 1995
  • Type of organization: Family-led Community Project
  • Products: Recycled Wood Products
  • Number of workers: 17
  • Male/Female: 11/6

Its missions are:

  1. To deliver the best quality produce at reasonable prices.
  2. To promote the use of recycled wood in making all our products and help save our forest.
  3. To provide stable jobs for our workers and their families so they will live above the poverty line; send their children in school to pursue higher education.

Artes Excellentes aim is to approach progress with the guidance of God and bring dynamic growth to their community.

Artes Excellentes want to be one of the best performers, first choice to the established trade in the global market while being accountable to our management of people in the field of environmental management, human resources and occupational and costumer health and safety.

Through the years, all their products are for export but through a middle man of which they have been exploited but with the partnership with Preda the group is expecting to have justice in their products through fair trade.